Office Professional Plus 2019 Telephone Activation Not Working

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prior to downloading and installing, please make sure to uninstall all other versions of Office applications including 365 in your computer. This is very important. 

To do this, download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, then follow the Microsoft Office uninstallation guide and select Option 2 – Completely uninstall office with the uninstall support tool. Note: Uninstalling Office won’t remove your files, documents, or other user data. 

  • I couldn’t get the Confirmation ID / Blocked IID error / Invalid error

If you purchased the Office Professional Plus 2019 Telephone Activation Key (Global) and couldn’t make the phone activation work, please try the alternative methods below:

1. Call Microsoft Activation Center using the number specific for your country/region that is listed here.

When you call the Activation Center, you’ll be asked to provide the installation ID (displayed on your screen) and other relevant information; after your installation ID is verified, you’ll receive a confirmation ID. In the Activation Wizard, type the confirmation ID in the spaces provided at the bottom of the screen and then press the Enter key. 

2. Call Microsoft Activation Center via Skype for free – watch this YouTube video to know how.

3. If you still can’t activate Office, call the activation number you found in #1, but don’t enter anything or say anything. Stay on the line when the automated phone system speaks. If you do not say anything, it will ask you if you want to be transferred to a representative, say “Yes”. You’ll then be transferred to someone who can help you. (For this method, refer to this forum)

4. Complete the telephone activation via Go to their website and follow this tutorial video on how to get Confirmation ID. Once received, continue on with the instructions in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 (Telephone Activation)

5. If none of the above methods work for you, please try to download directly from

  • Official download link not working

If you purchased the Office Professional Plus 2019 Telephone Activation Key (Global) and having difficulty downloading Office from the Microsoft official link, please try downloading it from an incognito browser, i.e. Google Incognito (Press CTRL+Shift+N to open incognito browser). 

However, if the above solution/s does not work, please contact our Customer Support Team so we can check if you are eligible for a refund or replacement. 

To assist you better, please include the details below:

1. Order / Transaction ID

2. Screenshot of the pop-up/error message ‘

3. Additional information (if any)

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