If you access our information or services through thesoftwarekeys.io website, you should be aware that cookies are used. Cookies are data files stored on your browser. If you have accepted cookies by using tools displayed when entering the softwarekeys.io website, the website automatically installs and uses them on your browser when you access it. We may also use cookies without your consent where it is strictly necessary to provide our services and you have explicitly requested them, such as [maintaining your session when you have logged in to your account or remembering the contents of your cart]. You can also change your settings for cookies on our websites using the tool below:

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • For statistical purposes through [analysis of aggregate data on traffic and manner of use of our websites]

We create statistics that help us understand how you access softwarekeys.io, which allows us to improve the structure ofsoftwarekeys.io and its content and thus improve your experience;

  • Creating a profile for you in order to display matching materials in regard to advertising networks, such as the Google Display Network;
  • To run statistics on traffic to reliably conduct settlements with advertising partners;
  • To remember your settings between browsing sessions and customize the Site to better suit your needs and preferences, such as selecting the display language or currency.
  • For marketing purposes, also on the basis of automated processing containing profiling elements, in particular, for [adaptation of our websites, offers and advertising to your interests]

We use cookies to [assign you an unique identifier that lets us collect information about your actions on our website, viewed content and your use of our products and services]. We then use this information to [create a profile of your interests on the basis of content that we think was interesting for you (for example because you viewed it for a certain period of time, searched for certain types of games or added some products to your cart) as well as content that other users similar to you have found engaging]. By using [this profile of your interests we can adapt our websites, offers and advertising to your needs by replacing the default content with content more relevant to your interests (for example we can show you games that we think you might like instead of the default game categories or personalize the newsletter to which you subscribed)].

To achieve the above goals, the Site uses two basic types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored in your browser until you logout, leave the website or close the browser. Persistent cookies are stored in your browser for a longer period of time, as specified in the parameters of the cookie or until you remove the cookie.

Cookies may be used by partners and advertising networks, such as the Google Display Network to display ads specific to you and in accordance your preferences while using softwarekeys.io. To achieve this goal cookies may store information about your navigation path or the time you spent on softwarekeys.io. To see what information was collected about you by the Google Display Network, you can view and edit the information derived from cookies with the following tool provided by Google: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/ .

Your browser’s default setting is likely set to allow for the storage of cookies. You can change your browser’s settings and delete or prevent cookies. For details, consult your browser’s documentation. Please note that if you do so you may not be able to utilise or activate certain functions available on softwarekeys.io.

The list of specific cookies that we use, their purposes, typical parameters and storage period is available below:

#Cookies typeDescription
1.General informationCookies are small text files, send by the Internet shop and stored on your computer, containing some information connected with your usage of the Website and the Internet shop. Cookies files are used by the Internet shop, in order to provide services for the Website and make it possible to make interesting information available during the purchasing procedure, remembering your purchase for example.Cookies files used by the Internet shop can be of temporal or constant character. Temporary cookies are eliminated when you exit your browser, whereas permanent cookies which are stored beyond the end of the browsing session are used to store information such as your password or login, for an easier and faster usage of the Website. In any case, you may block the cookies installation process or delete permanent cookies using the appropriate options in your web browser. In the event of any problems, we suggest to use the web browser’s help file or we advise to contact the web browser producer directly.
2.NecessaryCookies files are necessary for a comfortable use of the site, they allow enabling basic functions such as website navigation or secure web access. Website cannot function properly without cookies.
3. PreferencesThose cookies files which store your preferences enable the website to remember information connected with functioning and layout of the website, such as preferred language or user’s current position.
4.StatisticsCookies used for statistical purposes help website owners to understand how different users behave on the website by collecting and reporting anonymous information.
5.MarketingMarketing cookie files are used to track users on websites. Their main purpose is to display ads that are relevant and interesting for individual users and therefore more valuable to third-party publishers and advertisers.
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