Kaspersky Plus Antivirus, 5 Devices, 1 Year


Kaspersky Plus Antivirus, 5 Devices, 1 Year

This is the latest version of the software available from Kaspersky, so you are always up to date.

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Kaspersky Plus Antivirus, 5 Devices, 1 Year

This is the latest version of the software available from Kaspersky, so you are always up to date.

What is included?
– Kaspersky Antivirus Product Key
– Download link and Installation Guide
– Transferable key that can be used again if OS is reinstalled/formatted
– Free installation and activation support

Kaspersky Internet Security
Essential protection for your PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices so you can surf, shop, and bank safely.

Security. Performance. Privacy.

All in one easy-to-use app.
Kaspersky Plus offers next-generation cybersecurity to protect you against new viruses, ransomware, and malware – without slowing you down. Also includes payment protection, password manager, and unlimited VPN to keep your digital life private and safe.

  • Advanced security with anti-phishing and firewall included
  • Performance optimisation tools enhanced by HDD health monitoring
  • Privacy features including unlimited VPN and password manager

Windows | macOS | iOS | Android

What’s included in Kaspersky Plus?

Private and Uninterrupted Browsing
Tools to prevent unauthorised online tracking, unauthorised ads appearing, or anyone using your peripherals.

  • Stalkerware Detection
    Alerts you if there’s an attempt to use your software to spy on you – via Stalkerware, for example – or to steal your cryptocurrency.
  • Private Browsing
    Blocks the websites and social media platforms you visit on your Mac or PC from tracking your activities, collecting your private data, and chasing you with annoying ads. You can also block website banners and ads on your PC.
  • Home Wi-Fi Monitoring
    Sends notifications to your computer or Android device when a new device joins your Wi-Fi network, so you can disconnect unauthorised devices.
  • Webcam & Mic Protection
    Stops unauthorised access to your Windows PC or Mac webcam so nobody can watch you in your home. It alerts you when an app tries to use your webcam and lets you block apps or grant permission to trusted apps.

Personal & Payment Info Protection
Protects your banking apps and activities and keeps your login details safe on hand.

  • Payment Protection
    Works on your home computer by diverting you to a bank-grade protected browser when you make an online transaction. This prevents your credit card details and financial data from being intercepted by hackers.
  • Password Manager
    Securely stores and syncs your passwords, credit card details, and important documents across your devices.
  • App Lock For Android
    Lets you protect apps on your Android devices by locking them with hacker-proof security. Once you protect an app, it can only be unlocked by either your fingerprint, a private PIN code, or by you drawing a secret pattern.
  • Keylogger Protection
    Automatically stops keyloggers from recording your keystrokes on your Windows PC – helping to protect your passwords, bank details, and any other confidential information you enter on your keyboard.

Unlimited & Fast VPN
Complete online privacy and freedom without compromising on speed.

  • Data Protection On Public Wi-Fi
    Whether you do shopping, banking, video calls, or emails, VPN protects your data from being intercepted by hackers.
  • IP Masking
    Your unique IP will be masked by our servers, ensuring no one can trace your devices or geolocation.
  • Kill Switch
    Prevents your IP address or personal data from being exposed if your VPN connection drops – it does this by blocking your device’s access to the internet until your VPN connection is restored.
  • Access To Global Content
    2,000 of the fastest servers worldwide allow you to access your favorite websites, shows, and movies – including the ones on Netflix and Amazon – from wherever you want.

Performance Features

Hard Disk Cleaner & Health Monitor
Tools to help you manage your device storage space, perform HDD health checks, and prevent any loss of your data.

  • Duplicate & Large Files Cleanup
    Lets you easily locate and remove files with identical content. Sorts the files by size so you can remove those you don’t need, freeing up disk space and improving device performance.
  • Unused Apps Cleanup
    Displays the apps you use least often, and lets you delete the ones you don’t need – helping you free up much-needed disk space on your PC and Android devices.
  • Hard Drive Health Monitor
    Alerts you if your hard drive is about to crash, so you can back up your photos, files, and data.
  • Backup & Restore
    Lets you schedule automatic data backups on your PC, so it’s easy for you to restore your critical data if your system fails in the future.

Performance Optimisation
Quick measures to boost the speed of your devices and make them run as fast as they were designed to.

  • Quick Startup
    Helps your PC start up more quickly by stopping unnecessary apps from opening up as you switch your computer on.
  • PC Speed-Up
    Helps your computer run faster by deleting invalid Windows Registry entries, cleaning your folders, and emptying your recycle bin.
  • App and Software Updater
    Prompts you to install software updates – so your PC runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, and you always get the latest security.

Uninterrupted Entertainment
Allows you to watch movies, play games, or use full-screen apps without any interference – all at the maximum speed.

  • Entertainment Mode
    Ensures zero distractions during gaming or fullscreen app usage, with discreet protection in the background. It autodetects fullscreen mode and stops running scans and displaying security notifications except for the critical ones.
  • Activity Manager
    Checks which software and apps are most data-hungry so you can close them to avoid your computer slowing down or freezing.
  • Battery Saver
    Postpones virus scans and database updates when your Windows laptop or Android device is not on charge, allowing you to work, game, or stream for longer.

Security Features

Multilayered protection designed to prevent and neutralise viruses and malware.

  • Real-Time Antivirus
    Continuously scans your devices for viruses, worms, Trojans, CryptoLockers, rootkits, and spyware — guarding you against both new and established online threats.
  • Instant Threat Detection
    Delivers real-time, non-stop analysis of files, apps, and websites across your computers, safeguarding you and your data via rapid threat detection.
  • Safe Web Browsing
    Triggers screen alerts if you attempt to visit sites considered dangerous or potentially dangerous. It makes this assessment using a list of sites that have been attacked before, and asks you if you wish to proceed or not.
  • Malicious Link Detector
    Works by referencing data from the Kaspersky Security Network to analyse links on webpages you open, informing you about malicious web addresses and colour coding individual URLs based on their threat level.

Tools to prevent unauthorised access to – or hijacking of – your computer, including anti-phishing and firewall tools.

  • Anti-Ransomware
    Monitors your PC in real-time to identify activity that matches ransomware behaviour. This means suspicious activity can be blocked instantly, stopping ransomware attacks from locking you out of your machines.
  • Network Attack Blocker
    Detects suspicious activity and blocks direct attacks, so cybercriminals can’t threaten your security or stop your computer from performing as it should.
  • Two-Way Firewall
    Helps prevent hackers from attacking your PC by providing both incoming and outgoing network request detection – enabling you to view, assess, and manage every inbound and outbound connection that’s made.
  • Anti-Phishing
    Alerts you about phishing links in emails and on websites. Helps stop scammers from luring you to fake sites built to steal your personal info.

Existing Threat Removal
Technologies to detect vulnerabilities, remove viruses, and repair your PC if it has already been infected.

  • Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting
    Removes malware that got into your Windows device before you installed security. Also finds and fixes issues with your internet connection.
  • Emergency Recovery
    You can save your PC from existing viruses by downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk on a flash drive and running it on the infected computer to recover the OS and data.
  • Application Vulnerability Scan
    Scans and identifies vulnerabilities in the apps already installed on your devices to help stop infections.
  • Rootkit Scan
    Checks your computer and operating system for any malware that’s so deeply ingrained in your device that it starts up even before your OS.

Lightspeed performance for your devices

  • Disk Space Clean-Up & Health Monitor
    Unclutters your computer from duplicate and large files, and monitors the performance of your hard drive.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
    Allows you to fully focus on your activities by decreasing antivirus notifications and database updates.
  • App Management
    Checks if software updates are available and suggests rarely used apps to delete.
  • Performance Optimisation
    Allows you to quickly turn off data-hungry apps and manage startup apps to free up resources on your computer.

Complete defense against cyberthreats
Our triple-layer protection system works 24/7 to secure your devices and data. It blocks common and complex threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, spy apps, and all the latest hacking techniques.

  • Antivirus
    Real-time Antivirus protects you from common threats like worms and trojans, as well as from more sophisticated threats like botnets and rogues.
  • Anti-Malware
    Advanced anti-malware blocks threats like keyloggers, adware, spear phishing, rootkits, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Anti-Hacking
    Anti-ransomware and network security controls stop hackers from infiltrating your home network and stealing your data.

Keeping your online activity private and anonymous

Get online privacy & freedom with VPN

  • Encrypt your data on risky public Wi-Fi
  • Hide your IP address, even from your ISP
  • Ensure your online actions aren’t logged
  • Unlock content from all around the world

Protect your money and personal data

  • Make payments via an encrypted browser
  • Stop annoying and malicious online ads on your PC
  • Secure your passwords in a private vault
  • Auto-fill your address and card details safely

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